I have lived and exhibited across Australia and Europe and currently work from my birthplace Fremantle.  

I often create multilayered, atmospheric tableaux, enquiring ideas around how space, abstract thought, memory, colour and shape evolve - itself becoming an artifact or experience. 

As an artist working with diverse materials, I am interested in ways of looking at and interfacing with manufactured culture, physicality, materiality, identity and relationships of power and progression to create work.  My ancestors were linen growers and weavers who migrated from Italy to Australia and have influenced my contemporary art making. 
They have instilled within me the knowledge of physicality, production and processes to create work. I look to the past at their almost alchemical / transformational approach spinning objects from the land using tangible relationship of touch to create objects imbued with cultural identity and narratives.

I draw from two pools of knowledge to make work in art and design. My artistic practice has been in parallel to my academic pursuits; BA - Visual Communication (2000), Curtin University, Perth, MVA - Painting, Victorian College of the Arts, Melbourne (2012). My work collaborating under the name Zuii was named UK Wallpaper Magazine’s ‘Best Young Designers’ (2005) and selected by design experts for Phaidon’s &Fork (2007) book.